How To Go Through All of Word Cookies Levels Fast?

Here are some tips to go through Word Cookies levels quickly:

  • Use bonuses wisely – Save bonuses like Rainbow Ball for levels with more tiles to clear more words at once.
  • Buy power-ups – Lightning Bolt, Bomb and Rainbow Ball can help you form more words faster.
  • Find small words first – Clearing short words gives you more letters to work with for longer words.
  • Make the longest word you can – Try to use all tiles and make 7-10 letter words whenever possible.
  • Find overlapping words – Look for words that share letters to maximize your turns.
  • Use common letters – Prioritize common letters like E, A, R, S first.
  • Watch ads for free letters/hints – Ads give power-ups to help you progress.
  • Spend coins for extra hints/turns – Don’t hoard coins, use them to help pass tricky levels.

However, there are no cheats on word cookies and progress require gradually completing each puzzle. Rushing through diminishes the enjoyment.

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