How to Have 2 Hours of Fun with Your Kid – 5 Activities to Try

Spending quality time with your kids is important, but coming up with fun activities can be challenging. Here are creative ways to keep your kid entertained for hours with free things to do at home

Cook Up Some Word Fun with Word Cookies

One of the best things you can do with your kid is play an educational game together. Word Cookies is a fantastic word puzzle game to download on your phone or tablet and solve together. This word puzzle game helps keep your 7 year old son or daughter entertained for hours while building vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

In this game, you’re given a grid of random letters. You have to find words by connecting adjacent letters, just like in Boggle or Scrabble. As you find more words, you earn points and level up.

Word Cookies is beneficial for kids because it:

Some tips for solving Word Cookies puzzles:

  • Start with 2-3 letter words like “at,” “it,” and “so” to clear some letters.
  • Look for plurals that just add “s” or “es” like “cats” and “boxes.”
  • Try prefixes and suffixes like “ing,” “ed,” and “ly.”
  • Scan up, down, diagonally – words can go in any direction.

Playing mind-stretching games together builds your connection while boosting your child’s learning. Download Word Cookies on ios or android today for free family fun. This game can become a little bit challenging some times that’s why on this site we are offering all the Word Cookies Answers and the word cookies daily puzzle solutions in case you get stuck when you progress through the game.

Get Crafty with Arts and Crafts

Tapping into your kid’s creativity with arts and crafts projects is an entertaining way to spend an afternoon. Get out the crayons, markers, glue and safety scissors and try these ideas:

  • Make picture frames out of popsicle sticks or cardboard. Decorate them with stickers, glitter and paint
  • Fold paper airplanes and have a contest to see whose flies the farthest.
  • Cut snowflakes out of paper by folding and cutting geometric patterns. Hang them up for wintry decor.
  • Design and color your own custom comic strips telling silly stories.
  • Make puppets out of old socks, cardboard and craft materials. Put on a puppet show.

Arts and crafts allow kids to express themselves while learning new skills. And the best part – no screens required!

Build an Indoor Fort

On a rainy day or when you’re stuck inside, channel your kid’s imagination by building a fort. Building a fort with furniture, blankets, sheets, pillows and cardboard boxes is a free activity to do as a family.

Drape blankets over chairs to make “walls” and “rooms.” Designate an area as the fort entrance. Use flashlights or string up fairy lights inside for ambiance. Fill it with books, stuffed animals and toys for playing house or going on imaginary adventures.

Building a fort together fosters creativity, problem-solving and cooperation. And kids will be thrilled with their new special, cozy space. For hours of indoor fun, get to work building their dream fort.

Create Your Own Board Game

Inventing your own original board game is an engaging challenge for creative kids. Have them come up with the game concept, goal, rules and components.

Use cardboard, construction paper, markers, dice and game pieces from other games to design the board and elements. Make it a racing game, trivia game, treasure hunt – anything goes!

Together, brainstorm and write down the rules. Test it out by playing a few rounds, tweaking any rules that need fixing. When your new game is ready, invite friends or family to play too.

Making a DIY board game lets kids exercise their innovation and strategic thinking. And it’s so rewarding to see others having fun playing your game!

Act It Out with Charades

For active, laugh-filled family time, play a round of charades. Write down movies, songs, books, events or characters on slips of paper and take turns pulling them from a bowl. Act out the clue without using words, and have everyone else guess.

To up the energy, add challenges like acting it out in slow-motion, using only one word, or with dance moves included. Keep score and see who can get the most correct guesses.

Playing charades as a family helps build communication skills, expressiveness and confidence in kids. And you’ll make priceless memories trying to act out tricky clues in hilarious ways.


Making memories with your kid doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Simple activities like puzzles games such as Word Cookies, crafts, fort building, inventing games and charades provide hours of entertainment. Try out these creative ideas for filling 2 hours with engaging fun your child will love. The most important part is spending quality time together, and you’ll both look back fondly on these special moments.