Best iOS Games of 2017

Throughout this article we’re going to go over the best iOs games of 2017, and we’re not going to order them in any way, because all ten of them are great and cater to different genres. We cover a lot of variety from puzzle to action, passing through adventure, sports, simulation and more.

With this type of variety, you can rest assure that in this list there is something for everyone.

Trivia Crack – A Great Trivia Game

Trivia Crack is a trivia game that’s great to play with friends, and that’s partially why everyone is still talking about it in 2017. It is addictive and challenges your brain, as well as your competitive sense. It is cartoony in its design and it possesses a lot of different question subjects. You can duel Facebook friends and even random opponents, so you’ll always have competition.

Spinning a wheel you’ll get a subject that decides what your question will be about, and you have categories based on Science, Sport, History, Geography, Art and Entertainment.

We definitely recommend you check this one out if you didn’t already.

Invisible, Inc. – Cyberpunk Strategy Game

As the header tells you, this is a Cyberpunk based strategy game, and it is kind of a hybrid between puzzle and strategy. It is an infiltration game that puts you in charge of a special agent’s crew, and you have to face megacorps to steal their information, resources, tools, secrets and so on.

Of course these corporations won’t let you go that easily, and they have a lot of technology in place to prevent you from succeeding.

Invisible, Inc. has procedurally generated levels which increase the replay value, but if you’re playing it for the first time you should play the Campaign mode as it is well thought out.

You can unlock gear, hacking software, agents and more hours of gameplay.

NBA 2K17 – A Basketball Classic with a Twist

So you know the NBA series, and this is another installment of that game. This is a mobile game though, so it is packed with slick graphics that are optimized to be handheld. It packs full court action and a lot of different game modes.

You’ll get access to your MyCareer mode, which goes much deeper than normally and even gets you an “Off Day Simulator”.

Finally, you’ll have other modes and perks, such as being able to join and play in the EuroLeague, use alternate uniforms and unlock historic players.

A great sports game that is worth every dime, especially if you are an NBA Fan.

Real Racing 3 – Get that car drifting!

In our opinion there isn’t any other racing game for iOS out there that rivals Real Racing 3. This game is a free-to-play simulator that gets you to drive real-world cars in real-world racetracks, so you’ll recognize locations and vehicles with no problem as they aren’t out of reach for most people.

The fact that is free to play only makes this game that much more attractive, but we have to consider it even gets you a vast array of different game modes such as races, time shift, time trials, multiplayer modes and more.

The game is also being updated regularly, giving you more cars and events with each one.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – High Tech Fantasy RPG

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is a cyberpunk RPG that shows you huge companies harnessing magic for their staff and Cyborg Elves… really!

You’re a freelance operative that works for these mega-corps, conspiracies and even the governments. These agents are called Shadowrunners, hence the name of the game.

Dragonfall is another instance in the series, so if you know it already then know this one is great as it even improves the combat and environment present on the first one.

Zynga Poker – Timeless Poker Game

There’s not much to say about Zynga Poker other than it is timeless and ever green. It gets you to play Texas Hold’em with players from across the world and even with your friends. 2017 isn’t fond of other Zynga games like Farmville, but this is still going strong with new players popping in at every second.

You also have Sit-n-Go and Shootout tournaments, and free chips daily. Of course you can also buy chips with real cash, but that’s optional so it is great.

Monument Valley – A Musical Experience

Monument Valley is really great, but we also have to mark down that the beautiful environment and the amazing music makes this game an experience you won’t forget. The puzzles have M. C. Escher printed optical illusions and you have to follow the story of Princess Ida as she goes through the story line in mind boggling moments.

Find secrets, discover hidden passages, activate levers and switches, rotate the maps and more!

Batman: The Telltale Series – Story Driven Game

You know Telltale Games approach games from a story matters standpoint, making them a great book where Batman feels at home.

You’ll find yourself going over the change of Bruce Wayne / Batman, experiencing the stress of having a dual identity.

Your first episode is free, and you can buy extra episodes in-app. All of the episodes were already released, so you can play through the story already. A nice way to begin and finish 2017.

Super Mario Run – Action Mobile Game

A Nintendo game that places Super Mario, our favorite plumber, on track to complete three game modes. The game is made of an endless runner mode through 24 courses, a Multiplayer mode where you run against others and a world-building mode where you build Mushroom Kingdom.

The controls are intuitive, the levels are greatly designed and the game is just done right. The complete game is $9.99, but there are NO in-app purchases and the three levels can even be played for free.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Warcraft Trading Card Game

We all know Hearthstone by now, and the fact that it is a major success makes this one of the most played games in this list. You simply can’t stop playing it. You’ll choose your hero, summon cards to your side and have epic duels with real life opponents. The rules are simple and you earn gold with victories and quests, enabling you to buy more cards.

We hope we now gave you a lot of good ideas for games to download to your mobile device throughout this year of 2017, we promise all of the games included in this list are great, and if you don’t believe it then you got to check them out for yourself.