How to Get Coins in Word Cookies?

  • There are a variety of ways to earn free coins within Word Cookies to use towards power-ups and boosters:
  • Complete the daily challenges and events. These earn you coins as rewards.
  • Link your Facebook account. This gets you a nice signup bonus of coins.
  • Watch certain ads. Opting into rewarded video ads earns coins.
  • Level up your profile. Gains a big coin reward each time your level increases.
  • Achievements. Each achievement milestone unlocked grants some coins.
  • Daily rewards. Check back daily for free coin gifts.
  • Tournaments. Coins are awarded for tournament performance.
  • Refer friends. Get bonus coins when friends join.
  • Buy with real money. Larger packs available as in-app purchases.

Earning coins takes patience, but playing consistently and completing all daily activities will add up over time. Coins can then be used to buy power-ups like extra hints, wild cards, and time stoppers which make passing tricky levels easier. It takes strategy to maximize your coin earning efficiency. Try to always have an achievement milestone ready to cross for the bonus. Install on a second device to get the Facebook coins again. Compete in every tournament. Opt into the video ads for extra rewards. And above all, make sure to check the game at least once a day to claim the daily gifts. Stick with this routine and your Word Cookies coin balance will be growing in no time!

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